Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ubud's Beauty

This morning I went off to yoga(David declined!) and what an amazing experience it was for me.At the White Lotus the class is usually quite small due to a smallish studio, it is very high up so all you see is the roof tops and lots of trees,and you can hear the river running down below.Last time I went I spoke to the instructor a girl I hadn't met before,anyway we got talking and I told her a little of why I was in Ubud for so long, some of the other class members also heard this conversation.
Anyway today after class we were just sitting there(me at the back!!) and one of the men spoke and asked if the class(about 8 of us)would mind staying another 10 minutes and doing something with him to help 'Suzy' heal!! Well I was blown away as we really hadn't spoken before and I was taken back that an almost stranger would be so kind towards me. At this point the odd tear had started its journey down my face even though I was trying very hard to hold it together. I lay on the floor with my eyes closed while they formed a circle around me, the whole process did take about 10 minutes and I really did feel the energy in the room around me.
We have lost the art of connectining to others sometimes with email,FB,mobiles,computers,making it so easy,and perhaps the feeling that we might feel silly to stand around offering love to someone you don't know, but hey why not,it doesn't hurt or cost anything. If you are happy with your life etc then why not share that around!
I met David after at Juice Jar for a wheatgrass shot,then we went for a massage, the best one I have had,still amazes me it's only $12 for an hour and they don't miss a bit( ok well one tiny bit!!)
We had an early dinner back at Nomads,David tried the tuna steak,and now I have to go and pack a light bag to go to the Gili Islands in the morning being picked up at 6.30am it's about and hours bus ride to the boat then 2 hrs to the Islands, we are staying two nights,I am eager to see the ocean and apparently lots of Turtles. Although I think if I did bump into one while swimming it would freak me right out!!
Lots of photo's to come .....

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