Saturday, 16 July 2011

A beautiful day 15th July

This morning after breakfast ,without a cloud in the sky,we rode past the main street to find a good spot to snorkel. We got there about 10am and stayed till 3pm!! The water was beautiful and we took it in turns with the snorkel,although I enjoy it I still seem to struggle with the whole breathing thing , and having such a 'pinhead' means the suction seems to always be a little broken! I did see some beautiful fish and coral though ,bright blue,yellow and a few Nemo's swam by me.
I wondered on the beach for sometime just picking up shells and marvelling at the different coral shapes.
After a bowl of vegetable soup,we rode home and spent till sunset in and out of the pool,and enjoying the happy hour 4pm-6pm!!! I found this cocktail that was full of lemongrass,ginger,lime and ginger ale,oh ok it did have gin in it but still think it would HAVE to be good for me right???almost Organic even???
We walked over to the beach with our cocktails and watched the sunset,not brilliant as there was a low cloud,but check out the photo,I love the way the sun's rays can be seen.
After a quick shower we decided that we were happy just staying at the resort for dinner,although the food wasn't as good as last night at the organic restaurant ,it was still ok.
All in all I would have to put this down as one of those days in life that are pretty special.
Happy to return to Ubud tomorrow........

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