Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bliss Balls

Our first day of adventure started with yoga,and Lynnie getting on the pink scooter with some resevation! Yoga was great then went off for a bowl of what's called live porridge,at Soma an organic cafe,followed by some shopping and then some shopping!! All that shopping makes you hungry so stopped at Bail Budda for a salad and Lynnie bought the 10 day cleansing tablets that I did but she will probably do it in five days, which is recommended for the very fit and healthy!! Stayed home and watched the Kings Speech, my 3rd time but still think it's a great movie.
Today we did the 2hr walk around the block,only to stop once to shop!!!then home,showered and off to look at a house with a pool, as I am hoping my family may return later in the year.However the house was too small,and they seem to think a bedroom is ok if it's in the middle of the living room!!Unfortunately upon leaving this house a large solid brick wall jumped out at Lynnie,she is ok but has a selection of bruises.The scooter however has a few deep scratches and a broken light. I was just happy that Lynnie was not hurt more than she was. We then to console ourselves had to do a little more shopping and a massage!!!
We had a lovely meal at Nomads and yes you guessed it I had the Tuna steak again!
Tomorrow we are off to a healer the first one I went to when I arrived just for a tune up!.....

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