Sunday, 24 July 2011


Headed out this morning for the longish walk,dropping Lynnie off at the egg painter Wyan for a lesson on the way,in my head I quite fancy the idea of sitting in a little hut over looking the rice fields letting my creative talent flow out onto a wooden egg,then I wake up and remember nothing arty flows out of my finger tips when using a paint brush! Joh and I did the loop and got home in time for me to put a colour on her hair, which although I didn't mind at all it confirmed for me that my hairdressing days are over where colour is involved! Although the horse has defiantly bolted!I still don't want to breath all the fumes in anymore,so sorry if anyone was planning on a colour on my return!
Ibu had organised her sister a massage therapist to come over so Joh and I had an hour each,she was really really good.Once Lynnie returned(with her outstanding beautiful egg) thank god I didn't do one!!! we headed off to town where Joh and Lynnie had a facial,oh and Joh had her toes down too,one full on pamper day for Joh I feel!!! Not bad for $35 dollars although I haven't put my fee in yet! I pretended I had stuff to do as I wanted to go and get a little leaving gift for Lynnie.
We then went out to Sari Organics for sunset and dinner,but parked the scooters and walked through the fields,Lynnie not too keen on narrow pathways!
The meal was beautiful, a great day by all.
We may try to squeeze in a yoga session before Lynnie leaves for the airport at 12 tomorrow......

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