Monday, 11 July 2011

Lovely Day

Decided today it was time to step up,well I should say start back on my exercise pattern. The thought of riding 200km has no appeal what so ever, mainly due to taking my focus away from riding and just going with what ever the day has to offer!Anyway David and I did a 2hr walk, then off for a healthy lunch at the yoga barn,followed by an hour and a half yoga class,David's first!!
I'm not sure if he really enjoyed it due to the fact that he said every position hurt,however I'm hoping he will persevere a few more times during the week,as I think it could help him with his tight hamstrings and who knows be a better soccer player!!
Afterwards we had a warm drink at Bali Budda,and are now home for the evening,I'm planning on convincing David to watch one of my choice of movie's! Miss my boys,chat soon....

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