Friday, 29 July 2011

Homeward Bound

Our last full day as usual seemed to be like all the others,busy! I had this strong feeling that I needed to visit the lovely healer man again,as I had a few things I needed to clarify with him, Joh decided that she would have a chat with him also,although couldn't think of anything wrong with her!!(I had a few idea's!!)It appears most of my problems start with too much worry!We had a good chat and he is just the loveliest man- 82 years old with a great sense of humor,I even got a hug at the end. Joh found the experience wonderful and she is now converted after doubting that he had anything to offer!
Pak Ketut then took us to another city so I could get these tablets I have been after as I can't get them in Australia. We had lunch at Bali Budda, then a last wander round trying to find gifts for my lovely Balinese family. We stopped at a restuarant that you could see out the back to a beautiful pond with lilies and it looked out over the palace. It was 4pm so we decided to have a glass of wine,it was my last night after all. Not long after we arrived on the steps of the palace about 50 children arrived for what turned out to be a dance school practising the traditional dance. It was just perfect sitting there,so we stayed, decided on another wine and dinner.
We walked the 4/5 km home and watched a movie but think we both fell asleep! I have finished packing and am off to get a last minute $12 facial and a tuna steak at Nomads.I fly out at midnight, Joh doesn't leave till the next day at 6pm so she'll get a night on her own.I'm excited to be coming home, I really do feel that the whole experience has been just perfect and although I was not sure the first day here what had driven me to do this, I have learnt that my intuition is something that I should listen to more often. Thank you universe I feel the luckiest person alive right now......

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