Tuesday, 26 July 2011

And then there were two!

We tried to cram as much as we could in before the lovely Lynnie left. After the smoothie's I gave them both a haircut,(only wish they could have done mine too, it's terrible!!) We headed off to Bali Budda for breakfast and any last minute things Lynnie needed for the flight.After Lynnie had left Joh and I( her first time on the scooter!) headed to the yoga barn for an afternoon session.Only took us three hours to get there!!Had a wonder around Monkey Forest Rd and then an early dinner at The Three Monkeys,beautiful food there.
This morning we did the usual walk back to front this time,it's great having Joh to walk next to and push in the path of any scary dogs!although they were the least of our worries....we were happily chatting away when 2meters away a massive coconut fell smack down on the ground,this has happened twice now but the buggers are getting closer.It did make me think though,given the option of a long painful suffering illness I'd choose the coconut! Headed into town and left Joh to wonder as I had my last session with Ann. THREE hours later we met at Nomads for a tuna steak and I for some reason needed a drink for the first time in a while!!Counselling is great and I'd be the first to promote it,but it's extremely tiring and draining,well it is for me anyway.Won't go into the full story but the last day or two I have felt the fear return or perhaps been more conscience of it,so it's great to be able to share those thoughts with someone who can maintain a professional distance but also be understanding.
To top off all that,Nomads had sold out of tuna steaks!!although I was far more interested in the Mojitos!
We split up again from 4-6pm as I didn't fancy the markets,and I have a pain in my shoulder since the yoga that I felt needed attention. I had a cream hair bath with a neck and shoulder massage,I must apologise now to all my clients, as after their hair wash that seemed to take for ever I felt I had been doing you all an injustice!! Oh well,got over that one!
At six we met for a tea and to see what Crap Joh had bought at the markets!!
Home now and ready for bed,hoping to do the 'Herb' walk in the morning.......

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