Friday, 29 July 2011


Homeward Bound

Our last full day as usual seemed to be like all the others,busy! I had this strong feeling that I needed to visit the lovely healer man again,as I had a few things I needed to clarify with him, Joh decided that she would have a chat with him also,although couldn't think of anything wrong with her!!(I had a few idea's!!)It appears most of my problems start with too much worry!We had a good chat and he is just the loveliest man- 82 years old with a great sense of humor,I even got a hug at the end. Joh found the experience wonderful and she is now converted after doubting that he had anything to offer!
Pak Ketut then took us to another city so I could get these tablets I have been after as I can't get them in Australia. We had lunch at Bali Budda, then a last wander round trying to find gifts for my lovely Balinese family. We stopped at a restuarant that you could see out the back to a beautiful pond with lilies and it looked out over the palace. It was 4pm so we decided to have a glass of wine,it was my last night after all. Not long after we arrived on the steps of the palace about 50 children arrived for what turned out to be a dance school practising the traditional dance. It was just perfect sitting there,so we stayed, decided on another wine and dinner.
We walked the 4/5 km home and watched a movie but think we both fell asleep! I have finished packing and am off to get a last minute $12 facial and a tuna steak at Nomads.I fly out at midnight, Joh doesn't leave till the next day at 6pm so she'll get a night on her own.I'm excited to be coming home, I really do feel that the whole experience has been just perfect and although I was not sure the first day here what had driven me to do this, I have learnt that my intuition is something that I should listen to more often. Thank you universe I feel the luckiest person alive right now......

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tanah Lot


Bliss Spa

Yoga Barn Lunch

Herb Walk

I got up early to call the 'herb' man and luckily it was not happening at 8am that day but 3pm,so got back into bed to read my book and hope that Joh would get up and make me my morning lemon drink!We rode into town and had another little wonder and also drove out to a friends house who is away to drop off a dvd she had lent me. Next to her house is one for rent 3 bedrooms, swimming pool,rice field view,open air lounge/dining,somewhere I could see myself and family and friends staying!! Oh well far to many other plans to work through before that one!! Lunch was at the little K cafe at the yoga barn.Again another beautiful organic place I have been lucky enough to sample many times.
The Herb walk was just wonderful, right behind the busy streets of town are the most beautiful rice fields, Madde a rice farmer himself and herbalist,took us through the paddies explaining the system and organisation of each one.He explained that the income is very little so many of the farmers subsidise their wages by doing art or wood carving or anything else that is quite artistic, and its been this way for centuries, and make sense when you see the lay out of each field.We then walked through some Organic gardens and I really felt such a passion for all of this that I just want to get involved in it in some way.What interests me the most is the medicinal use for so many plants.We sat and had a coconut water bought to us,and then walked to his little shop,where we had tea and crackers,and the opportunity to buy some oils,lotions,herb teas etc. I stocked up on cocconut oil as so cheap here!
We then went back into town as I had seen a beautiful condiment set that will look perfect along side my colorful Raw food!
Joh then MADE me have a Mojito!! while we sat and people watched.
Got are jarmies on and watched' Water for Elephants' one out of Joh's many dvd selections.

Today we decided to have a little beauty therapy as our time is coming to an end and I certainly won't have the cash to spend having a three hr treatment back home!$55 here!
Pak Ketut took us to the temple Tanah Lot over looking the water,very beautiful. Home now,but not for long as off to Tibetan Bowl meditation at the Yoga Barn.
We are going back to Tjokorda Gde Rai in the morning, as I feel I need one last session with him,plus Joh is going to listen as he talks fast and difficult to understand! she would like to give it a go also.......

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bali Budda goodbye lovely Lynnie and thank you :)

And then there were two!

We tried to cram as much as we could in before the lovely Lynnie left. After the smoothie's I gave them both a haircut,(only wish they could have done mine too, it's terrible!!) We headed off to Bali Budda for breakfast and any last minute things Lynnie needed for the flight.After Lynnie had left Joh and I( her first time on the scooter!) headed to the yoga barn for an afternoon session.Only took us three hours to get there!!Had a wonder around Monkey Forest Rd and then an early dinner at The Three Monkeys,beautiful food there.
This morning we did the usual walk back to front this time,it's great having Joh to walk next to and push in the path of any scary dogs!although they were the least of our worries....we were happily chatting away when 2meters away a massive coconut fell smack down on the ground,this has happened twice now but the buggers are getting closer.It did make me think though,given the option of a long painful suffering illness I'd choose the coconut! Headed into town and left Joh to wonder as I had my last session with Ann. THREE hours later we met at Nomads for a tuna steak and I for some reason needed a drink for the first time in a while!!Counselling is great and I'd be the first to promote it,but it's extremely tiring and draining,well it is for me anyway.Won't go into the full story but the last day or two I have felt the fear return or perhaps been more conscience of it,so it's great to be able to share those thoughts with someone who can maintain a professional distance but also be understanding.
To top off all that,Nomads had sold out of tuna steaks!!although I was far more interested in the Mojitos!
We split up again from 4-6pm as I didn't fancy the markets,and I have a pain in my shoulder since the yoga that I felt needed attention. I had a cream hair bath with a neck and shoulder massage,I must apologise now to all my clients, as after their hair wash that seemed to take for ever I felt I had been doing you all an injustice!! Oh well,got over that one!
At six we met for a tea and to see what Crap Joh had bought at the markets!!
Home now and ready for bed,hoping to do the 'Herb' walk in the morning.......

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Egg man


Headed out this morning for the longish walk,dropping Lynnie off at the egg painter Wyan for a lesson on the way,in my head I quite fancy the idea of sitting in a little hut over looking the rice fields letting my creative talent flow out onto a wooden egg,then I wake up and remember nothing arty flows out of my finger tips when using a paint brush! Joh and I did the loop and got home in time for me to put a colour on her hair, which although I didn't mind at all it confirmed for me that my hairdressing days are over where colour is involved! Although the horse has defiantly bolted!I still don't want to breath all the fumes in anymore,so sorry if anyone was planning on a colour on my return!
Ibu had organised her sister a massage therapist to come over so Joh and I had an hour each,she was really really good.Once Lynnie returned(with her outstanding beautiful egg) thank god I didn't do one!!! we headed off to town where Joh and Lynnie had a facial,oh and Joh had her toes down too,one full on pamper day for Joh I feel!!! Not bad for $35 dollars although I haven't put my fee in yet! I pretended I had stuff to do as I wanted to go and get a little leaving gift for Lynnie.
We then went out to Sari Organics for sunset and dinner,but parked the scooters and walked through the fields,Lynnie not too keen on narrow pathways!
The meal was beautiful, a great day by all.
We may try to squeeze in a yoga session before Lynnie leaves for the airport at 12 tomorrow......

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hard to tell which end is which!


I told Joh to keep her top on!

caffeine anyone!


On the way to the temple,love this terrace!

Off to temple

Special day

This morning I woke up excited thinking about Lynnie and Joh going to the water temple and how they might react to it all.I was happy to see the sun as last time it was pouring with rain.They both felt that the whole experience was emotional spiritual and cleansing,I'm sure we all had a few tears in our eyes too!I'd have to say for me having two special friends there added to the whole emotional feelings for me also. Pak Katut and Ibu then took us to the Bali coffee garden and we sampled a few tea's and coffee's.
Once home we had a quick change then some last minute shopping for Lynnie as she leaves on Monday:(
Ibu came over about six with her friend and they prepared us a beautiful Balinese meal,gado gado,fried fish,corn fritters,mee goreng and rice. Lots of conversation with Madde who's a family friend with very good English.
All tired now and off to bed,tomorrow we are going to do the two hr walk again but will drop Lynnie off on the way round at the egg painter as she is having an art lesson with him,Joh and I will continue home and Ibu's sister is coming over to give us a massage,not together!!!.....

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Healing (again!)

Lynnie and I were keen to visit the healer I had first gone to when I arrived here.I had just felt like a tune up before I leave and Lynnie is open to all new experiences.I'm not sure why but I felt quite nervous and a bit sick before the visit,all in my head of course! But he did the same things as last time touching my ears head neck face arms,but then said,what can I do for you as you are much better,he said that I was stronger in my head, well after a few more minutes that was it for me,getting back up I just felt amazing and so happy!! You just never know with these type of people if they have any power,but I believe that if you in yourself believe it to be true then that's all that matters.Lynnie was told that her physical body is healthy but upon touching her head at the back and one of her toes the pain was so bad it brought tears to her eyes,he then said she has too much worry in her life!and did a little prayer ceremony over her. Nothing like a few tears to clear the head,so we left feeling like a weight had been lifted from us both.
The afternoon we had to do a little more shopping! then Ibu had invited us at 5pm to go to the local temple for another ceremony,we got in our costumes and with difficulty walking as I think I haven't mastered the art of tying the sarong yet!wondered down the road.Again it is such a moving experience.
The evening we had some takeaway soup and watched a movie.
Joh arrives this afternoon, we are about to make some yummy bars for later..........

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

School back today

One of the bruises!


Bliss Balls

Our first day of adventure started with yoga,and Lynnie getting on the pink scooter with some resevation! Yoga was great then went off for a bowl of what's called live porridge,at Soma an organic cafe,followed by some shopping and then some shopping!! All that shopping makes you hungry so stopped at Bail Budda for a salad and Lynnie bought the 10 day cleansing tablets that I did but she will probably do it in five days, which is recommended for the very fit and healthy!! Stayed home and watched the Kings Speech, my 3rd time but still think it's a great movie.
Today we did the 2hr walk around the block,only to stop once to shop!!!then home,showered and off to look at a house with a pool, as I am hoping my family may return later in the year.However the house was too small,and they seem to think a bedroom is ok if it's in the middle of the living room!!Unfortunately upon leaving this house a large solid brick wall jumped out at Lynnie,she is ok but has a selection of bruises.The scooter however has a few deep scratches and a broken light. I was just happy that Lynnie was not hurt more than she was. We then to console ourselves had to do a little more shopping and a massage!!!
We had a lovely meal at Nomads and yes you guessed it I had the Tuna steak again!
Tomorrow we are off to a healer the first one I went to when I arrived just for a tune up!.....

Monday, 18 July 2011

raw mulberry cheesecake

Live pizza!

Lynnie's Arrival

David left last night in the rain as you can see by the photo, he was trying to keep his clothes dry for the flight!!We had a beautiful raw lunch,so alos check out these photo's as this is what I hope to be doing for my family and anyone else that is interested!!
This morning it was still raining when I woke and was very worried that Lynnie would arrive to a wet day,however by the time I headed off to yoga it was a beautiful. After the yoga session(no healing this time) I went to Bali Budda for some ingredients to make some bliss balls for us to have during the week.
We are now just sitting catching up, ordered some delivery organic soup for dinner $13,and I think an early night! Lots to do tomorrow........

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Watching the sunset

Not quite my Bianchi

Sent from my iPad

'Organic' cocktail


Halle 'Belly'

Where's a Billabong photographer when you need one!

Scallywags Organic Cafe

Ombak Sunset Resort

A beautiful day 15th July

This morning after breakfast ,without a cloud in the sky,we rode past the main street to find a good spot to snorkel. We got there about 10am and stayed till 3pm!! The water was beautiful and we took it in turns with the snorkel,although I enjoy it I still seem to struggle with the whole breathing thing , and having such a 'pinhead' means the suction seems to always be a little broken! I did see some beautiful fish and coral though ,bright blue,yellow and a few Nemo's swam by me.
I wondered on the beach for sometime just picking up shells and marvelling at the different coral shapes.
After a bowl of vegetable soup,we rode home and spent till sunset in and out of the pool,and enjoying the happy hour 4pm-6pm!!! I found this cocktail that was full of lemongrass,ginger,lime and ginger ale,oh ok it did have gin in it but still think it would HAVE to be good for me right???almost Organic even???
We walked over to the beach with our cocktails and watched the sunset,not brilliant as there was a low cloud,but check out the photo,I love the way the sun's rays can be seen.
After a quick shower we decided that we were happy just staying at the resort for dinner,although the food wasn't as good as last night at the organic restaurant ,it was still ok.
All in all I would have to put this down as one of those days in life that are pretty special.
Happy to return to Ubud tomorrow........

Friday, 15 July 2011


Worn out after 50metre's!!

Heard of the Gili Islands???

Well I hadn't until a few days ago! There are three Gili Islands, Meno the smallest, Air,then Trawangan the one we are staying on which is the biggest,we tried to stay on Meno as it is quieter but this being the busy time of year it was full up. It was about a two hour fast boat ride over here from Bali,and I'm so impressed. There are no cars or scooters here just little carts drawn by horses,or you hire a push bike.
The water is a beautiful pale blue and the coral comes right up to the shore line. The place we are staying has only been open a month so got a good deal! however I wasn't expecting it to be so lovely. As you can see from the photo's the pool is amazing and looks out to the ocean, our room is an individual bungalow with a marble shower and toilet,outside!!very private. I really like the idea of showering outside looking at the palm trees and blue sky!
David managed one lap of the 50 metre pool, due to the fact the bar was at the other end!!
We then hired bikes and rode into the main street, a little tricky as some parts the sand is quite thick. It was good fun although my credibility as a cyclist has been shattered due to the bike I am on has a basket at the front!
Every restaurant is on the beach,and most offer a table full of fresh fish to choose from,I had a butterfish and David snapper, beautiful.
We are only here for two nights but so glad we came,tomorrow we plan to do some snorkelling, and maybe pop over to one of the other islands.
Sometimes when I write this blog I feel a little self indulgent,but then I say to myself, I am so very lucky to have this opportunity, my life is fantastic and I feel I have so many plans for my future that that in itself is a vast improvement to how I felt 6 weeks ago.
Talk tomorrow.........

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nomads ( ok so not always raw,I can make exceptions!!)

Sari Organics

Ubud's Beauty

This morning I went off to yoga(David declined!) and what an amazing experience it was for me.At the White Lotus the class is usually quite small due to a smallish studio, it is very high up so all you see is the roof tops and lots of trees,and you can hear the river running down below.Last time I went I spoke to the instructor a girl I hadn't met before,anyway we got talking and I told her a little of why I was in Ubud for so long, some of the other class members also heard this conversation.
Anyway today after class we were just sitting there(me at the back!!) and one of the men spoke and asked if the class(about 8 of us)would mind staying another 10 minutes and doing something with him to help 'Suzy' heal!! Well I was blown away as we really hadn't spoken before and I was taken back that an almost stranger would be so kind towards me. At this point the odd tear had started its journey down my face even though I was trying very hard to hold it together. I lay on the floor with my eyes closed while they formed a circle around me, the whole process did take about 10 minutes and I really did feel the energy in the room around me.
We have lost the art of connectining to others sometimes with email,FB,mobiles,computers,making it so easy,and perhaps the feeling that we might feel silly to stand around offering love to someone you don't know, but hey why not,it doesn't hurt or cost anything. If you are happy with your life etc then why not share that around!
I met David after at Juice Jar for a wheatgrass shot,then we went for a massage, the best one I have had,still amazes me it's only $12 for an hour and they don't miss a bit( ok well one tiny bit!!)
We had an early dinner back at Nomads,David tried the tuna steak,and now I have to go and pack a light bag to go to the Gili Islands in the morning being picked up at 6.30am it's about and hours bus ride to the boat then 2 hrs to the Islands, we are staying two nights,I am eager to see the ocean and apparently lots of Turtles. Although I think if I did bump into one while swimming it would freak me right out!!
Lots of photo's to come .....

Monday, 11 July 2011

Quick stop off for refreshment on the walk!

Lovely Day

Decided today it was time to step up,well I should say start back on my exercise pattern. The thought of riding 200km has no appeal what so ever, mainly due to taking my focus away from riding and just going with what ever the day has to offer!Anyway David and I did a 2hr walk, then off for a healthy lunch at the yoga barn,followed by an hour and a half yoga class,David's first!!
I'm not sure if he really enjoyed it due to the fact that he said every position hurt,however I'm hoping he will persevere a few more times during the week,as I think it could help him with his tight hamstrings and who knows be a better soccer player!!
Afterwards we had a warm drink at Bali Budda,and are now home for the evening,I'm planning on convincing David to watch one of my choice of movie's! Miss my boys,chat soon....

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Boys Leaving

Our last day as a family for a few weeks! The boys had their last green smoothie, extra green today! I packed their suitcase and shoved as many of my things in it, fingers crossed the wooden things get through!
Lucie came round to say goodbye and give me a great book on raw food preparation, there is even talk of a weeks job for me as her assistant in Byron Bay in November,it's a yoga/ surf retreat and we would be doing the raw food for up to 30 people!! Anyone interested check out how amazing would that be!!!
We then all went and had a massage this time I had a facial instead,it was lovely and my face felt so refreshed after it,not bad for $12!Had a great late lunch at the 3 monkeys restaurant and am now just going to sit with my boys until they leave. David not going to the airport but I want to,even though I will be miserable all the way home!
Tomorrow I plan to start back on the long walks and very little cooked food especially in the evening. There is a Herb Walk I'm keen to do also, so many things to do.......