Friday, 8 July 2011


Just waiting for the boys and David to arrive home after they have spent the afternoon at the Bali treetop adventure park!again I chose not to go as I was going to catch up with Lucie.
In the morning we went for a little scooter ride the four of us, just to look around,I then went to Bali Budda where I met up with Sayuri by chance and Lucie,we had some lovely food and sat and chatted for a few hours.
Ibu has been over cooking away in the kitchen since I returned,lovely Balinese food she says for Jack and Jimmy as they are leaving Sunday. They are just so kind to us, and ILuh is here also who cleans for me everyday,she has been going out with Ibu's son for 8 years and she is only 22!!
Short blog as you can see the day has just glided along for me.

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