Tuesday, 24 January 2012



Chemo went ahead Monday and the tests all came back low but ok. The best news is this chemo is working in the fact my tumor markers have halved since the last lot and that was with a week off. I'm now sitting on 117 not bad as they started in the 700!
I may have lost the war but I'm very grateful to win a few battles along the way.
The 'lovelies' are planning a trip to Sydney first weekend in March so I really hope this body does the right thing and behaves it's self. it's great to have things to look forward to.

Ok no more news , finished Jack's scarf now on to the slipper socks for everyone! Good weather for knitting!
Keep safe in the wet.......:)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

looking down on Russell

Love that orange!

Russell beautiful place

Fish has now joined the knitting club!

Fish and I


It's been a while...... I was feeling pretty good for a few weeks, especially after my little hospital stay ,nothing like a few bags of blood and water and some antibiotics to boost yourself back up! David and I decided that as I seemed to be going ok , and I have now changed to two weeks on one off with the chemo we would go and visit our lovely friends in the North Island NZ. I scored using up some Emerites points and was able to fly business class return for $131!!, of course I felt for David down the back but never one to miss an opportunity! The evening of the first day we arrived I felt a bit off , then unfortunately started to feel terrible , one day was spent mostly on the toilet , and my temperature was all over the place. If your temp goes up to 38 then it's pretty serious and you must go to hospital , well the whole 8 days we were there it was very strange as it would get quite high sometimes over 38 then come down quite quickly , it was very worrying as I really didn't want to go to hospital for fear I would have to stay in , but was also worried what the infection was as my body hasn't the energy to fight off anything.

Ian and Fish our friends were so kind , and I really felt very comfortable in their lovely home. I was just pi....d off I felt so weak and not myself everyday. David and I did go off on our own for 3 nights up to the 'Bay of Islands' which are lovely. Again I couldn't do too much but very happy to sit in a car and look at the sights! It was still a good holiday and I'm so glad I got to spend that precious time with our friends.

I have been back to the oncologist this week who said it could be my liver causing the high temps so we will just have to see tomorrow how they are as it's chemo day. I am feeling better but still not able to walk very far. Going to look into a wheel chair as I don't want to miss out on things just because my body doesn't want to do them! I still have lots I'd like to do! With this chemo it seems each week is different so you really can't plan a thing. My mum is arriving beginning of Feb for two weeks , then my brother is back down so always good to spend time with family. Emotionally I'm still on the roller coaster but if I'm not feeling ill then I'm still able to just think about the day and enjoy it, the whole death bit can wait ha ha , hope your all well , keep happy talk soon .....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Pure Bliss!

Margarita for KA

Waiting for cocktails

Cotton Tree

Tough life!

Clearly something is wrong with my family!!


Holiday/New Year

Happy New Year,I hope you all had a lovely one.... It seems a while since I wrote on this, I always forget to read what I last wrote sorry. Since my short stay at the Wesley I have been feeling great, nothing like a visit to the palliative ward to make you know that isn't where you belong just yet!! I came out the day before my birthday so that was my first present, I had a great day, breakfast with the family out first, then the rest of the day lovely friends dropping in. I had some beautiful presents and last minute decision went up to the 100acre bar for a glass of champagne. Christmas day although some what emotional in parts was a great day. My brother flew in from Singapore and met us back up at Hillstone (100acre bar) it was so good to see him and sit down to a lovely lunch with my family and friends, and then to go home to no washing up etc was a good feeling too!
27/12/2011 Arrived up at Cotton Tree for 6 nights,all of which my special friend Bernie helped organise , with Sara Nick David and I,boys came up for two nights, so again having my sister and brother the three of together doesn't happen very often is been so lovely. We have just relaxed everyday and although it's had it's cloudy moments the weather is fantastic it's great not to be hot and sweaty. New Year's Eve we wondered down to 'The Boat Shed' on the waters edge for a cocktail, then we went up to Bernie's unit above us with fantastic views for another pre dinner drink, it's sounding like I drink a lot isn't it!? But I only have a small one honest! It's been along time since I have felt like anything to drink, so if I feel like it now, then I bloody well will have one!
David cooked us one of his great lamb roasts and Karyn came up for the evening and made yet again my favourite sherry trifle for dessert. Jen also came up for the night,so it was just perfect. Apart from the eye problem which I still struggle with how quickly it has deteriorated,and the ear that buzzes if more than one person is talking in a room, all is just great! I have missed a chemo as had no platelets and an infection, so am back at the Wesley tomorrow, although not ideal to finish the holiday off with, I do feel I need to fight this shit, now more than ever as the cancer is spreading and I want it to know I'm onto it!

I have made some little plans to keep my mind occupied , and just keep doing what I am and just enjoying each and everyday. It may have been my last Christmas and that thought did keep popping up throughout this whole period, and of course I want to do it all again for the next 30 years, however thank you to everyone who made all so perfect, I could not have wanted anything more.
I hope all was great for everyone that reads this too........ Keep you posted xxxx