Thursday, 28 July 2011

Herb Walk

I got up early to call the 'herb' man and luckily it was not happening at 8am that day but 3pm,so got back into bed to read my book and hope that Joh would get up and make me my morning lemon drink!We rode into town and had another little wonder and also drove out to a friends house who is away to drop off a dvd she had lent me. Next to her house is one for rent 3 bedrooms, swimming pool,rice field view,open air lounge/dining,somewhere I could see myself and family and friends staying!! Oh well far to many other plans to work through before that one!! Lunch was at the little K cafe at the yoga barn.Again another beautiful organic place I have been lucky enough to sample many times.
The Herb walk was just wonderful, right behind the busy streets of town are the most beautiful rice fields, Madde a rice farmer himself and herbalist,took us through the paddies explaining the system and organisation of each one.He explained that the income is very little so many of the farmers subsidise their wages by doing art or wood carving or anything else that is quite artistic, and its been this way for centuries, and make sense when you see the lay out of each field.We then walked through some Organic gardens and I really felt such a passion for all of this that I just want to get involved in it in some way.What interests me the most is the medicinal use for so many plants.We sat and had a coconut water bought to us,and then walked to his little shop,where we had tea and crackers,and the opportunity to buy some oils,lotions,herb teas etc. I stocked up on cocconut oil as so cheap here!
We then went back into town as I had seen a beautiful condiment set that will look perfect along side my colorful Raw food!
Joh then MADE me have a Mojito!! while we sat and people watched.
Got are jarmies on and watched' Water for Elephants' one out of Joh's many dvd selections.

Today we decided to have a little beauty therapy as our time is coming to an end and I certainly won't have the cash to spend having a three hr treatment back home!$55 here!
Pak Ketut took us to the temple Tanah Lot over looking the water,very beautiful. Home now,but not for long as off to Tibetan Bowl meditation at the Yoga Barn.
We are going back to Tjokorda Gde Rai in the morning, as I feel I need one last session with him,plus Joh is going to listen as he talks fast and difficult to understand! she would like to give it a go also.......

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