Friday, 15 July 2011

Heard of the Gili Islands???

Well I hadn't until a few days ago! There are three Gili Islands, Meno the smallest, Air,then Trawangan the one we are staying on which is the biggest,we tried to stay on Meno as it is quieter but this being the busy time of year it was full up. It was about a two hour fast boat ride over here from Bali,and I'm so impressed. There are no cars or scooters here just little carts drawn by horses,or you hire a push bike.
The water is a beautiful pale blue and the coral comes right up to the shore line. The place we are staying has only been open a month so got a good deal! however I wasn't expecting it to be so lovely. As you can see from the photo's the pool is amazing and looks out to the ocean, our room is an individual bungalow with a marble shower and toilet,outside!!very private. I really like the idea of showering outside looking at the palm trees and blue sky!
David managed one lap of the 50 metre pool, due to the fact the bar was at the other end!!
We then hired bikes and rode into the main street, a little tricky as some parts the sand is quite thick. It was good fun although my credibility as a cyclist has been shattered due to the bike I am on has a basket at the front!
Every restaurant is on the beach,and most offer a table full of fresh fish to choose from,I had a butterfish and David snapper, beautiful.
We are only here for two nights but so glad we came,tomorrow we plan to do some snorkelling, and maybe pop over to one of the other islands.
Sometimes when I write this blog I feel a little self indulgent,but then I say to myself, I am so very lucky to have this opportunity, my life is fantastic and I feel I have so many plans for my future that that in itself is a vast improvement to how I felt 6 weeks ago.
Talk tomorrow.........

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