Thursday, 7 July 2011

Time flying

I'm struggling to remember the order of the last few days,so let's just go with what has happened. Manuela came over and we made lunch for the family.First we(lets just say there wasn't a lot of the 'we' I watched!) made some Creamy Fig Dressing that basically can be used over all sorts of things,even as a dip,but we were going to use it over the salad. I'd give you the recipe but then I'd have nothing to impress you with when I return!!! It's tastes divine though.We then prepared an Asian dressing that we used in the Nori wraps. David and I helped prepare all the veg etc that we wanted to wrap in the rolls,then placing all the ingredients together with some sesame seeds,and the sauce we rolled the nori paper,our wraps were raw nori but you can use the toasted ones which I think they use for the sushi in OZ.
A green salad was prepared with some pumpkin seeds.
For dessert Manuela blended,oops nearly told you!it was a base you can use for a cheese cake or pudding,which we then placed in the freezer.I will reveal all in my first class!! Just remember none of this is cooked but certainly ticks all the boxes,especially the urge for sweetness.
The boys were starving so it didn't take long for it all to disappear!
Thank you Menuela for your time and kindness.
Galungan Day.A festival held every 210 days in preparation for the Gods to come down and visit the island. We were lucky enough to have a little private ceremony next door with Ibu and Pak Ketut. The streets have lovely decorations made from palm leaves etc and stay up for the next month.Last night we followed a procession down towards town with a dragon or was it an elephant! (men in costume!) anyway it felt a little like Christmas here.
Today beautiful Lucy a raw food chef and yoga instructor who I met a few weeks ago who had offered to help me on my raw food journey when she had finished her training met up with me. The boys decided they would go off to find a beach on their scooters with David,so I went and did a yoga class at a new place I had heard of, then met up with Lucy and did a bit of food shopping.We seem to have lots to talk about so we didn't make a huge amount but I was able to pick up many ideas. I think the boys will like the mango cheesecake later though!
Lucy is coming to Byron Bay in November working as the raw food chef on a yoga retreat, have to put my name down for that one!
The boys arrived home just as I was clearing up,they'd had a great day too. Not sure if we will go out now,I have to admit I like my days to be full but at night I am happy to watch a movie and go to bed!
Lucy is leaving for the Czech R on Sunday so is hoping to meet up with me tomorrow also, will see what the family plans are. I am very lucky to have a lovely teacher though free to help me.
Chat soon xxxxx

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