Saturday, 2 July 2011


Would have to say that Kuta was what I expected,pretty ordinary! After a month in Ubud where there is little traffic and everyone is so chilled I'm not keen on crowds.
We first stopped at a little cove beach near Nusa Dua,I was keen to go for a swim then noticed no one was in the water past their knees,(the red flags should have been a give away!)The water had loads of little jelly fish in it. I asked someone how dangerous they were and he said they'd leave you itching all afternoon,no thanks!
Heading on to Kuta beach the sun about to set,we just sat and watched it disappear.After a little wonder around and some dinner Pak Ketut drove us home.
I have no plans to return to Kuta,what was odd was I really felt like I was on holiday for the first time and a bit disappointed in the holiday choice! In Ubud I feel like it's home and I have a job to do of 'healing' etc!
Tomorrow going to show the family my 2hr walk round the block,have promised lunch and a massage on the way to break the journey,Jack doesn't see why we can't go on scooters!

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