Thursday, 21 July 2011

Healing (again!)

Lynnie and I were keen to visit the healer I had first gone to when I arrived here.I had just felt like a tune up before I leave and Lynnie is open to all new experiences.I'm not sure why but I felt quite nervous and a bit sick before the visit,all in my head of course! But he did the same things as last time touching my ears head neck face arms,but then said,what can I do for you as you are much better,he said that I was stronger in my head, well after a few more minutes that was it for me,getting back up I just felt amazing and so happy!! You just never know with these type of people if they have any power,but I believe that if you in yourself believe it to be true then that's all that matters.Lynnie was told that her physical body is healthy but upon touching her head at the back and one of her toes the pain was so bad it brought tears to her eyes,he then said she has too much worry in her life!and did a little prayer ceremony over her. Nothing like a few tears to clear the head,so we left feeling like a weight had been lifted from us both.
The afternoon we had to do a little more shopping! then Ibu had invited us at 5pm to go to the local temple for another ceremony,we got in our costumes and with difficulty walking as I think I haven't mastered the art of tying the sarong yet!wondered down the road.Again it is such a moving experience.
The evening we had some takeaway soup and watched a movie.
Joh arrives this afternoon, we are about to make some yummy bars for later..........

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