Friday, 1 July 2011

Family out & about in Ubud!

The four of us headed out on the scooters this morning,first stop was a ride through part of Monkey Forest,then a little wonder around the shops.Headed over to Sari Organics in the rice fields for a lovely fresh lunch, I tried the tofu falafal's beautiful,and even tried some dragon fruit wine! For dessert we drove to 'clear cafe'for the best healthy smoothies(no dairy of course)then the boys and David headed back to monkey forest with banana's this time,not too keen to get monkeys clambering all over me so I went off to yoga,great class I really felt so good at the end that I drifted off,not to sleep but completely relaxed.Don't get me wrong the whole class is challenging and I find myself thinking 'I've got it' then I realise I'm not breathing!
Just got home and the mushroom man has rung he has more Reishi drops for me, so going down the road to meet him.
Not sure of the plans later everyone's a little tired.J&J seem to be getting a few headaches I believe it to be there bodies saying 'hey where's all the sugar and crap gone'!
David's fitting in already,he does the 'chilled' thing so well!
Talk soon.....

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