Friday, 3 June 2011

The right path

Another packed full day, I really must next week take some time out to do nothing, why is it that I find that so difficult! I do feel though that once I have my little program sorted with the things I hope to achieve, then everything will just happen when it's mean't too.
IIuh comes in each morning and is now not only doing my washing and cleaning but likes to make my porridge and cut up all my fruit. I had thought that I would struggle with this, but it's lovely, we try and chat(me following her around with my phrase book!) but I get the vibe she is ok with me. I am hoping that at some point if she would like a haircut then it's on offer,a little something I can do for her.
The counselor was great, a 75 year old women, full of wisdom and life's experiences, I liked her straight away, very to the point and I have a good feeling that working with her over the next 2 months will be very rewarding. I was there 3hrs,the first visit of course is just the filling inones my life,this I have done before with others, but it amuses me now that telling
the story of my life can sound something out of a soap opera. I am not alone eh?

After the session I went back to the yoga barn for a late lunch, and got back home in time for Ibu to take me on a 2hr walk around the neighborhood. Again conversation is hard but we are both good at smiling! Watched another movie,and went to bed.

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