Thursday, 16 June 2011


Ok,so I was asked in the first counselling session what is it that Suzy would love to do as a job,what do I love doing,and you know what, that stumped me! I love many things in my life,but as far as a career I just didn't have an answer. I have been so busy thinking, well if I'm going to die in a year or so what's the point in thinking about working my butt off,so you see today is a revalation! I want to be and am going to be a Raw Food Chef!
I am going to get myself a certificate, and begin eating my way back to great health,and helping as many people as I can along the way do the same. F... cancer I say!
Yesterday just watching the lovely Sayuri Raw food chef prepare some beautiful food,that not only looks amazing but tastes like nothing else, why would we eat packet stuff??Ok so organic food is expensive, but I suppose it's all about what you prioritise.I am a firm believer that many diseases are caused through poor diet, diabetes is one for sure or at least the stage 2 one.We so often treat the symptom but not the cause. Ok will shut up now until I really know and understand what I'm talking look out!
I think for me what I would like to teach people and myself of course that keeping it easy and simple and tasty is the key, I can already hear people say, I don't have the time to prepare all that food.Last night Sayuri made this cashew cheese sour cream/mayonnaise in 5minutes,you can bottle it and use it on everything! I can say I will never use that other stuff again,and so it goes on.So for those of you that are willing to come along this journey with me, I will help you to find a happier healthier you!
I found out last night who I think sometimes leaves a poo on my bed! There is this geko I haven't seen yet but it makes this uh oh noise it's quite funny,now I know why it says uh oh, it's just poohed on my bed!
Kirtan tonight the singing and dancing thing,have a great day chat soon........

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