Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Volcano climb

Boys slept in while I got up at 6am and headed to Denpasar to this natural clinic,lots of people have spoken to me about it, so again I thought why not! It was quite expensive,however the medicine is for 2 months, (look at the photo) it's just herbs and roots etc from many plants, tastes like s..t but I keep having to remind myself better than chemo!
The boys were out when I got back so I made up the tea and had a little sleep.Later Jack and I made up some new biscuits using all the natural ingredients I have now. It was really good to just have the time to do this together,and Jack was impressed taking the vanilla out of it's pod instead of out a bottle!they are really enjoying the smoothies and we are all amazed that we are not hungry for hours afterwards!
For dinner we just went close to home on our scooters,fish kebabs and a glass of red,not missing the alcohol but must admit when I have one it's sooooooo good!
Huge challenge today for me! We went to the volcano Batur and had a guide take us to the top
I think the climb took us about 3hrs up,I got major wobbly legs at one stage!Once at the top the crater is huge and in places has smoke still coming out. The guide took us down a little way so we could get close to the steam,just like having a facial! The boys continued up an even steeper bit, but I was happy to watch them.The way down was also challenging,you know when your knees are screaming out saying"ok time to change direction!"well that lasted an hour and a half! At the bottom we walked to these pools heated by the volcano,just what the body needed, we had lunch and then headed home via the coffee place I had been to a similar one on the bike ride, we enjoyed sampling the different coffee's.Before I did this walk I planned to do it again with David but sorry babe,I'll be waiting at the bottom for you with a cool drink!
Boys watching a movie now I think we will all sleep well tonight.
Tomorrow I will go off to Ann in the morning and the boys I think,to make me happy have said they will give yoga a go in the afternoon!should be fun as we don't have a flexible muscle
between us!chat soon .....

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