Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Happy Days

Having trouble with the wireless in the house.On Tuesday other than going to the little fresh organic markets,in the next village that by the way are so cheap compared to OZ! I didn't do anything in the afternoon,other than watching a dvd on Raw Food,and just reading.Wednesday however was quite different. I had another two and a half hr session with Ann the counselor,a good way to start the day,who would of thought we'd have anything to talk about!!!!!
I then went to the yoga barn,and went all out with my $6.50 lunch,it was cooked but I just felt like it lots of greens with soy ginger garlic and some red rice,oh and an energy juice!
I find yoga a little strenuous,but really enjoy it too.
Then it was back home for a quick change as my extended 'family' had invited me to the village ceremony, They had lent me a traditional top,and I had my own sarong.We arrived about 5 and just sat inside the ceremony compound.I have never seen or smelt so many incense before it was quite powerful.Families started to arrive all in similar costume.Just before dark,there was lots of bell ringing,and then we had to kneel, place our little bowl of offering in front of us,Ibu did mine. It's mainly different flowers with an incense burning,you then wave the flower in front of the incense hold it between the hands and pray.You do this about 3 times,then after someone comes around with water,you cup your hands and drink 3 times then place rice on your forehead and chest.
There were about 400 people altogether,me being the only English person,I felt overwhelmed to be invited and so very excepted,everyone smiles at me and all they are able to say is I am very beautiful,why teach them anymore I say!!!!
I had planned to go out that evening,but I was already late for meeting up with this group of women who meet every Wednesday ,so just watched another dvd! Girls if you find yourself on your own and would like to watch a feel good movie try August Rush.
Today I have no plans this morning,but am having a raw food lesson at 4pm then eating it afterwards!Day 7 of the detox 3 more to go yay!!.......

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