Sunday, 26 June 2011


Today we went off with the extended Balinese family to another area also with a huge temple,where we were told that it is a cleansing place.The water bubbles up from the ground and then fills up this pool,the photo's describe it better!!It was pouring with rain which made it a very cold experience as the water was also freezing,but to me it was the best thing I have done so far.The Balinese people believe this water will cleanse you,and heal you,at each fountain you pray then place your head under or as much of your body as you can,at times I felt really emotional and could have burst into tears but held it together,the boys thought it was very special also, we then got another sarong on and went to the temple and prayed with everyone and did the sticking rice on your head thing!
Still raining the boys wanted to go shopping for the afternoon,so they dragged me along!!!Due to a heavy shower we had to stop for lunch so I pulled into the 'spare rib' place.They also made a great veggie curry so I was happy.
After getting so soaked on the way home on our scooters we are about to watch a movie. I am going to Denpasar at 6.30am as there is this clinic I have been told is worth a visit,so boys can do what they like,hope the rain stops for them!
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