Monday, 13 June 2011

Great Day

At 6.30am Pak Ketut and his son Argos chucked our mountain bikes in the back of then van and we drove off to Batur the Volcano,it took us about and hour to reach a village where we got out,Argos drove home and off we went! I didn't really know what the plan was, anyway it was freezing and the cloud was so low you couldn't see anything,we then started cycling down this very steep hill,towards the bottom there was no cloud and all of a sudden there was sunshine and a magnificent Volcano in front of us.
It took another 2 hrs to reach the bottom of it where we stopped at some hot pools,the water coming straight from the 'live' volcano and very warm!The trip up to the top is about one and a half hours on foot,and although I was keen ,it wasn't part of the plan that day,and later on I was so grateful. We then rode back up this hill,bearing in mind it took two hours to go down it! The cars and trucks passing were struggling so you can imagine me! I got off a few times.
At the top finally,feeling very week without breakfast,other than my 25 detox tablets,we stopped and had some fresh fruit some I had never tasted before,tell you the names when I remember them!
It was then mainly down hill for another hour, we stopped at the Bali coffee field,it was great,a little garden you can walk around with so many spice trees etc and of course coffee trees,I was the only one there,so they asked if I'd like to roast some beans then crush them, I then sat down and was given 7 little cups of different coffees and teas to drink,I thought it rude not to drink them all down! Surprisingly I felt pretty good the last hour or two cycling!! the most interesting thing was this little animal there who eats the coffee beans called a Luwak he then poo's them out and they clean and roast it,this coffee is very expensive, so I'm pleased you see,anything to do with coffee and poohing is all good!!!
The trip took 6 hrs altogether about 60km but more up than down!
Once home a quick shower then was invited to a lovely Australian girls home,the house she rents is bang smack in the middle of a rice field and is just beautiful.Oksana is from Sydney, a film director,and is doing yoga instructing in Bali.She eats raw food, and made this lovely lunch, and we made some all natural chocolate together,I wrote a few recipes down while she spoke,she is so full of life,so it's a real pleasure to be around someone like that,added bonus is she speaks English of course!!
Now I am going to eat some soon ...

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