Monday, 6 June 2011

The Wonderful Universe

Yesterday turned out to be such an amazing day for me,it instills in me the belief that this is such the right place to be. I was early for the 'healer' so decided to go across the road and have a green smoothie, I started to chat to this American and Balinese women and told them I was going for the treatment, they looked at each other and said should we tell her, well of course then they had to! In their opinion they believe this women to be a con, you spend about 2minutes with her and the rest being scrubbed down by these two men,I thought that bit sounded like something I could cope with!! However once the thought in my head was of being ripped off it lost it's appeal.
I did a little shopping instead, and went home. Ibu(my landlady)asked if I would like to go to the spa in the rice fields,(she will get me discount as I was with her!) oh no,not another treatment!! We walked through a different way in the rice fields, watching many women working very hard in the heat. Ibu wanted to sit and wait,but I was not comfortable with that so I insisted she have a massage too on me. While laying there not able to switch off as usual, I had this strong thought that I needed to cry more, but wasn't in the least bit sad! However on the way home we stopped at Ibu's cousins house, her English was great, and we talked for over an hour,I believe she is a social worker,and works with this American women treating many people natropathactly, we talked about different types of faith, and due to her kindness the tears just came, how's that for getting what you ask for!!! At one stage Ibu was crying too!As we walked home on the small paths between the rice Ibu in front,the tears just kept running down my face. I was so happy!

Later at 8pm I went back out to meet my friends Dona and Michael,same restaurant as before, it was a lovely evening, we seem to have lots to talk about, they are a remarkable couple, doing lots of interesting things, I wish them lots of success with them all.

This morning ILuh comes in as usual cleans the house for a few hours, I have the cleanest house in Bali! And now makes my porridge, today Ibu came in too, she brought me a book to read on Orhiba new life gymnastics, it's just a few exercises to do at least 3times a day to help with body preservation, all for that! And some leaves from a tree they cooked up for me, compared to the other stuff that made me feel a bit off all day yesterday this is good.
I'm off soon to see the other 'healer' but this one was recommended.Talk later......

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