Saturday, 25 June 2011

Boys first day in Bali

It's 10.30pm just off to bed after a great full day.J&J enjoyed their first green smoothie,then off on the scooters to meet the egg painter man and a look at the rice terrace up the road.Headed into 'town' and stopped for a wheatgrass shot and a fruit smoothie,then onto Monkey Forrest,also in town,unless you gave them a banana they weren't to keen on you,so Jimmy found out! The boys then had a massage,and got home ready to put our sarongs on for the big ceremony being held in a village about 40 minutes away.Again we were the only westerners there but everyone was friendly towards us. The whole event doesn't take long but the preparation seems to be huge,many offerings made and decorations. On the way home we picked up some noodles,oh forgot to mention Sari Organics for lunch my favorite place.The food is all grown around you and is so fresh,we all loved our food and view!
Tired now chat soon .........

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