Thursday, 23 June 2011

Boys arrive yippee!

Yesterday I got up and made Jack and Jimmy some raw chocolate energy bars,I then went and did a food shop and it was very refreshing not to head straight for the usual Milo cereal, bread biscuits etc sorry boys but this holiday is about having a great time but enjoying food in it's natural state as much as possible! When I got home one of the family members dropped in to say the priest/ healer was coming at 1.00 to see some people in the village and did I want to go.Great, we sat for about an hour he read my palm,but to be honest when I asked him questions through the family member he said that he would have to make an offering from me to the Hindu god first to give me an answer,this I believe is normal, it can be anything like fruit and flowers, so he will be asking god about David and I as he asked for David's name too on Saturday, I will then meet up again with him on Wednesday.He said straight away I had pain in my right shoulder which I do but had hoped he'd come right out and say Cancer what cancer!!!
I then ventured out further to another village to catch up with some friends who were in Ubud for a short time staying at a beautiful resort. Kim and I had a lovely lunch and I went all out and had 2 glasses of the local red,very drinkable as it's very light.The restaurant sits on a rice field so the view is just perfect.Thanks Kim is was a great afternoon.
I returned home although had a little moment when I needed the brakes badly on the way back, when a bloody dog just walked out in front of me,think he was pretty shaken too,probably had never heard that language before!!
Wyoman had offered to come over and show me how they make their fried rice. So I had a cooking lesson, it has chicken in it so it's here for the boys if they are hungry later tonight. Ibu and Pak Ketut came over too, and when they all left Ibu asked if she could stay longer,we can't communicate that well but I think she just likes hanging around together which I think is lovely.
Today I have yoga and I think I will have a massage it's only $12 for an hour and you get fruit and tea after. We leave for the airport about 8pm so exciting!!.......

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