Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Yummy bar recipe

Thought you might like to try these yourself!
If you have a good blender it works much better, I am hoping to invest in a vita mix when home as it seems a must with all the blending you do in raw food preparation, Cashew cheese is only good without lumps!
I don't really measure the ingredients out as you just know with the texture if it's right.
But this is a rough guide!

250gof date paste( I have not been able to find this so I buy organic dates about 250g bag
100g of mixed nuts(you can vary this as the first time I bought a bag of fruit and nuts,last time I used hazelnuts, cashews and almonds and a handful of sultanas)
2 cardamon pods( I get the seeds out and put them in the mix)
3 heaped tblsp of unsweetened cocao powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of salt
Handful of raw cocao beans( but don't worry if you don't have them still tastes great)
Vanilla from the pods but not essential.

I then blend a little at a time due to a weak blender as the dates are sticky although
when done the mixture should be able to stick together, if still seems a little dry I add some natural honey but not too much.
Place mixture in a creased container and push down flat.
Keep in fridge and the next day cut into slices
If it falls apart then next time change and use less honey or none at all.
Also use organic ingredients if possible, it's quite rich so a small slice with a cup if tea in the evening is all you need to fulfill that sugar craving,and you know although it maybe fattening if eaten all the time,far better when you know what's in it and not a heap of butter and preservatives etc!
Just go with what nuts etc you like,
Enjoy xxx

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