Saturday, 11 June 2011


Just had to tell you, Ibu just came around and said put on your sarong you are coming to the ceremony, it was just ouside my house and round the neighbors, who I believe to be Dutch,apart from having house envy there's is magnificent with a pool too, it was kind of Ibu to invite me a long, she showed me how to hold an offering of a flower up then pray for the cancer to go away, then they put water on my head and stuck rice on my forehead. It was very moving,and I took photo's of the whole family,and can't believe I accidentally just deleted them! I hope they have another one while I am here.
I have just got back from walking almost into the village with Ibu to visit her old friend,She thinks it would be good for me to go to this clinic in Denpasar as many people have been cured from cancer there!
I trust Ibu's advice,this morning she brought me some rice pudding, and tried to explain that even though Nayoman was kind to me yesterday,she is not happy I felt obligated to buy the clothes as they were old and worn,I didn't mind as I could see Nayoman didn't have a lot of money.Ibu then said 'Suzy have money for cancer treatment,not clothes(she doesn't know me well!!)'when Suzy get better Ibu happy' then she had tears coming down her face.I should take Indonesion lessons while I am here,as I so want to talk properly to her.
Another emotional day I feel,I am off to sit down and just chill........

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