Monday, 6 June 2011


Well that's it folks I'm cured!! Pak Ketut drove me to the healers home, a beautiful family compound (small houses,all together surrounded by a wall,with lots of relations,imagine that!!)There where quite a few people sitting waiting to see him, but I was lucky that I had made an appointment so didn't wait long, at first I wasn't that keen on talking to him with about 12 people sitting watching,but just closed my eyes, he asked how he could help me,and I said I had breast cancer now in the liver,after touching my head ears back and finding painful spots, I then laid down,he just kept looking at me,then said one moment,and went off in the garden,he then put a stick in-between my toes, all was good until he hit a a particular spot and I was in so much pain I cried out and broke into a major sweat!He then placed some leaves in my mouth to chew,and the rest on my stomach,and said wait. A few minutes later he pressed the same spot and the pain was minimal.I'm gathering that what he said when Liver head hooked he means to let the head stuff go.
Anyway I think I would like to go back perhaps before I come back to OZ, but who knows hey!
Yes I can be skeptical,but we all believe what we want to,and right now I say why not this be my truth.
Another thing happened was, I said a few words to this girl sitting next to me who is on a
yoga retreat,and then it was my turn as I left she handed me a piece of paper. In the car I
opened it to see she had written the name of the book I had just started reading, so you see
it's all coming together! I think I'm beginning to sound like a 'spiritual' person.....maybe
it's the mushrooms!!
I stopped at the Bintang supermarket and bought some food to make a healthy lunch,oh and some
chocolate,I'm not perfect!! Then later I will go for a bike ride, been a bit slack on the
exercise front, but just too busy with all this healing stuff!! Staying in tonight a DVD for a change! Sampai nanti........

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