Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Coming Together

Well yesterday turned out to be a big one.In the morning I had another two and a half hours with Anne the Counselor,sometimes before you go and see these people you can often feel,'hey I'm all good,it's a bit of a waste of time'. But as always it's so very beneficial and this time I really felt the shift in my way of thinking, to many of you this enlightenment may have already taken place,but I get it when I get a thought which then goes into a feeling, however I can change that thought so the feeling doesn't even need to be there. The biggest lesson I have learnt is when ever we are ill we need to look around and see who it is that we need to forgive,it seems too that the very person you find hardest to do so is the one you need to let go of the most,bugger!! Still working on that one!
I then scootered off to the yoga barn for a quick cheap salad,and then did my first beginners class. I loved it, the teacher was Canadian and so informative, and for once in my life I don't care if I'm the worst in the class I'm doing the best that I can do. Due to the drug Aromasin my joints are quite sore in the morning and stiff,plus the cool air doesn't help,but hopefully I will improve over the time I am here.
In the evening I went to this most beautiful resort called Waka di Ume, Sayuri the Japanese chef invited me to this dinner she had prepared all the food for,and then there was to be a Kirtan. A form of devotional singing and chanting accompanied by a guitar and drums,the audience are encouraged to participate.When I arrived at this place it was absolutely amazing,the sun was just going down,a long table was being set up, I think there were about 25 guests,many of them doing Sayuri's raw food prep class.There must have been about 8 different countries sitting around that table.
The food was beautiful,and I'm looking forward to my class next week with Sayuri.I enjoyed the Kirtan,other than I really can't seem to sit crossed legged,and after that yoga class I was struggling, I'll give it ago another day though.
Today I got up and did the 7am yoga class this one a little more difficult,but again it's not a competition, I just do what I can. No other plans today apart from going to dinner tonight with 2 of the raw food chefs, I am very lucky to have them to talk too.
Not part of the whole detox thing but I may have to streak my hair I hate it brown,bit of a mistake, oh well would shave it but too much of a reminder.Have a great day,chat soon......

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