Friday, 10 June 2011

Busy Day

Our Beautiful Niece is getting married today in the UK, I wish Rosie and Steve a wonderful life together, I hope as it's raining here in Bali the sun shines for them over there!
Yesterday I left home at around 11am to go and visit Nyoman a cousin of the family. We spent the day talking, looking at the clothes she used to make,and then having a walk around to her families compound where she collected leaves to make the offerings with,and also showed me many of the herbs she uses to cook with. I didn't know there was white Tumeric,great as my hands are getting this yellow stain on them from grating the stuff!
There was this man in the complex,treating the family with what I can only describe as electricity! He is sitting down with his feet on a rubber mat,then touches you and you feel the electricity going through you, I watched a man get the treatment for his sore back,and he seemed to be ok,so Nyoman said would I like a go,as it is healing,why not, he said through Nyoman that I was very strong I had good blood circulation through all my organs,and he would not have thought I had cancer! he did pick up on the pain I seem to have in my right shoulder that has been there for years,but much improved since seeing a chiropractor. I didn't really like the feeling of this machine,to watch your fingers move on there own without your brain sending the signal was kind of weird! Well I'm still here today ,although was awake for hrs in the night.
Day two of my Ultimate Cleanse routine, the products come from NZ with apparently great results,at least I can eat on this one.Still raining so am going to take a bath, and read a book.Chat soon .........

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