Monday, 20 June 2011

Days Off!

The thing with a blog is the same as a diary let a day or two go and the memory goes with it!
I had an unexpected visitor my brother,so have been a little distracted in a good way of course.
The last three days have blended together,so maybe the photo's will help. We went to a local funeral which my landlord said would be interesting, it was to some degree but to be honest the whole funeral thing just doesn't seem to ever lighten my mood,more the opposite it brings my enlightened mood down!
I have introduced Nick to Raw food and I feel that he see's now it's not like eating grass!Sari Organics restaurant would be a favorite I think. We went out to this place on our scooters, which was very scary trying to balance between the thin strip of grass that defines each field.But once there the food is such a delight and cheap too.
Today we both went to visit a local 'healer' Pak Man! We talked with his partner who is English for about an hour then he did a 'kind' of massage on me. I would say it was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had, I'll spare you the details but hey I'm still here and apart from a little residual pain I'm all good!
We have just arrived home from our last night out where I took Nick to a place called Waka di Ume you can google it if you have the time,but it's a beautiful resort in the rice fields, I did a raw food class there last week.We shared a balinese platter of fish and vegetables which was lovely,but due to our healing we were a little late to watch the sunset.It was good to catch up with Chris and Terry from Brisbane who are in Ubud for a few days.
Nick leaves in the morning and I am going to Denpasar with him as I have been told about this clinic there also that maybe worth at look at. I am open to most things that feel right,it's great to have the clarity to go with what you feel is right for you at the time!
Keep you posted .........

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