Tuesday, 21 June 2011

At a loss :(

Nick and I after the green smoothie of course headed off to Denpasar to visit this clinic,well known over here for cancer patients. We arrived about 10am and the place was so full in fact I would be number 35 that morning! After realising that no one would be able to speak to me in English I decided to give it a miss! I am going back Monday with an interpreter,and at 6am to be first in the line, no appointments allowed!
Pak Ketuk said as we were then early for Nicks flight we should go to this seafood place for a light lunch. To be honest I didn't realise that Denpasar was on the beach,well near the runway is.
We shared a fresh snapper and a couple of fresh juices,and then it was goodbye.Where ever my brother is concerned it's always been lots of hello's and goodbye's at many airports as he has either lived away most of our adult lives or been traveling,I think that's what is hard never knowing when the next visit will be,however I feel now our paths will be crossing a lot more.Thanks lovely brother it was a very special 3 days x
I am off to the counselor this morning then yoga,and a long walk this afternoon I have been very slack on that front.
Tomorrow I will be preparing some chocolate raw food treats for the boys coming Friday ,yippee!


  1. Hi Suzy - keep the stories coming as I am just loving them.....each one is drawing me closer to Bali and of course you too......you look so so healthy !!!!!

  2. That was Lynette who sent the last message - still learning how to blog !