Sunday, 5 June 2011


5/6/2011 & 6/6/2011

I rode early in the morning through the countyside,stopping to talk to this little man who sits and paints these beautiful wooden eggs(I just had to buy one!) I then decided that I would go and see if someone could help this pain in my back,I went to this spa recommended by this lovely American couple I met. I had a 1hr strong massage followed by a turmeric and yogurt scrub,then a warm flower bath for 20mins, cost was $18.
Almost had a miss happ on the scooter when a big old monkey decided to cross the road in front of me!! There's a Forest right in the middle of town where there are hundreds of them, can't say I warm to them,although some very cute little ones, just the fear of the unknown for me.

In the afternoon I went to see this man who is an expert on mushrooms and their healing qualities, he was fascinating, I have a lot of information to read,but have now started certain drops of different mushrooms, don't worry it's all good, I have complete trust in this. They taste a little bitter, but not a problem,Dale also gave me a vegetable only grown in Indonesia similar to turmeric called Temu Lawak, I am now drinking this,but think I need to add a little honey!!

The evening I went to dinner with my new American friends Dona and Michael,every night they eat at this lovely restaurant, where they book the same table, it's set amongst lush surroundings, water running, and candles everywhere. We had some great conversations, they leave tomorrow so we are meeting again for dinner tonight.

Today I am going to try Wayan a spiritual healer, from what I gather I am going to be rubbed and scrubbed to bring my body back to balance, then I eat this very healthy lunch.She does appear to be a slightly grumpy lady, but hey not everyone is warm and fuzzy!!

I hope after to go and start beginners yoga, I feel there is still quite a bit of head stuff to do,but am beginning to feel excitement in me growing, that this is ALL good,Cancer is my lesson to learn from and I'm a willing pupil!!!! Chat later,have a good day ......

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  1. Is Wayan that lady from Eat Pray Love?? She seemed a bit crazy in the book but sounded like she knew what she was doing... let us know how it goes!! xxx