Thursday, 2 June 2011

2/6/2011 Scooter Mad!

Selamat sore! (good afternoon)Today has been very busy... But I must tell you about last night first! I was meeting a japanese raw food chef at Bali Budda, a great cafe I seem to have already had a few raw meals in, and decided it was a good idea to take my new Honda scooter along,forgetting it's been years since I rode one by myself.Tip number one don't leave home without new address, on the way home about 8.30pm I suddenly realised that I was going to have to get home by memory, a tad hard when it is pouring with rain, and all the roads look the same! I made it after a few wrong turns and lesson number 2 that if the Balinese smile and nod at you when you ask directions it doesnt mean they understand, I am sure there left is different from mine!!

Today,again while I was asking directions I managed to get this lovely Balinese man for $6 to show me on his scooter with me following the three places I wanted to go, maps are to hard on the bike (plus I can't read them well) I first went to a yoga retreat to get the number of a recommended 'healer'(calling him later) then stopped at a holistic centre for some more info, then onto the yoga barn, where he left and I stayed for a $6 amazing raw food lunch.

I never thought that I would even get the courage up to ride a bike, buts it's so much fun, tomorrow I see the 'shrink'!! So all is looking good.

The television doesn't work but Ann has loads of dvd's,don't miss the television but it's so quiet, I find myself talking out loud!!!

Going for a walk now to see the sun set plus feel a little lazy on the bike all the time,chat later .......

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