Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Seen better days's!!!

Hello,well I didn't plan on continuing this blog as I'm sure 'normal' life is not something that will interest anyone,however to be truthful,life has suddenly just taken a turn for the worse and as I find it hard to write in a diary,I thought perhaps I'll give this a go.The pain under my ribs in the last day or two of the trip did become a little worse and if I'm honest I did feel a tad dizzy and nauseous,and maybe the 7kg I lost perhaps wasn't all that great healthy food I was having! After a visit to my lovely GP who I haven't seen for ages,as I never seem to be sick with normal stuff! I ended up at the Wesley for scans,praying I had gall stones. Unfortunalty I do have a few but nothing that would cause the discomfort. I then had an ultra sound still inconclusive so went for an MRI, they put in the needle ready for the dye but then they said something was blocking the picture, at first I thought oh god is the tumour that big,turned out it was my belly button ring! I have had it in for 11 years and don't give it a lot of thought although every time I touch it I feel all weird. Anyhow it also had the same effect on the two nurses that tried to get it out,a male nurse came in and he to couldn't budge it. I had to come home so David could cut it with a pair of pliers!That's my youth all gone now!
I'm back in the Wes in the morning so probably another long day ahead.I'm feeling right now that it's all not possible,however I'm thinking I'll gather all this information talk to a few other people I have some faith in and make my decision over the next few days, I'm so afraid of being the sad sap back on the couch on chemo not participating in life,but maybe in a few days I'll be thinking how lucky I have been to be able to get a good year or so and what a fantastic time it's been!
I'll keep you posted ......perhaps

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