Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Good Day

Thank you to everyone who came up to The Hundred Acre Bar yesterday afternoon and evening.One of my favorite spots to enjoy a drink and watch the sun go down.
Today was a beautiful day,going for a bike ride would have been great,however not really up to it at the moment,so I spent most of the day at my beautiful sisters house. We made a batch of bliss balls to last us both the week,I won't buy biscuits now so lucky the boys like them too!Sara then started making my cushions for this huge day bed David is making on the deck downstairs.I think at some stage I had a little snooze on the sofa outside(sewings not my thing!!)After all the tears that came yesterday it's been such a lovely day and I've hardly cried at all,maybe it takes a day or two for them to replenish the supply!!Today I'm feeling that it's all not happening but also that if I'm about to start a whole lot of horrible treatment then don't spoil the few days I have left!
Wednesday will be when I'll need to start to think of a plan so until then let's just enjoy these sunny days hey?? Chat soon ........

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