Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sea Air

I had an appointment with a Naturopath on Thursday afternoon,as I'm open to listening to different points of views at this stage concerning my treatment path.My lovely friend offered us the unit at Broadbeach. It's been great just seeing and hearing the ocean,and although I didn't join David for a walk on the beach as felt a little tired,looking at it is still lovely.This morning the sun was quite warm on the balcony and I soaked up my vitamin D for the day! we then drove to Burleigh Heads where we were told of a Raw food restaurant,From Earth and Water it's called and the food was beautiful. Without feeling anger as what's the point! I'm sad to think that maybe this won't be my path to follow, if I do this TACE treatment.On the other hand it's far better for me to say to myself,ok the raw food chef idea is just on hold,they'll be no stopping me if I feel well enough!
After lunch we walked down to the beach the winter sun on your face is perfect.It's been a beautiful day( apart from Jack's school ringing me to say Jack's lip has split open mucking about with friends,and he needed 3 stitches!!) oh well he's ok and when as parents do we stop saying 'it will end with someone getting hurt or in tears" you see we're always right!!
Home tomorrow,still unclear in my head as to what to do,just a couple more doctors to talk too.I choose LIFE so what ever it takes eh??

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