Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Unexpected Visit!

Arrived Monday for my 3 round of chemo admittedly not feeling the best and a bit feverish. The poor nurse got a fright as my temp was 38.9 far to high, next minute I'm booked in for the next three days,an antibiotic drip attached and alls good! My white blood count was so low I have nothing to fight any infections off. I wasn't happy to be here this long as I don't feel that unwell and I miss being around the family,sitting looking at my candles and Christmas tree lights in the evening. Plus with so many little and big things I suppose being taken away from me ( driving being one I'm sad about,love my mini!) I really enjoy small amounts of good food, especially David's evening meals, now I'm back at school having luke warm average food.
Anyway I'm in the best place to get better,and after a chat to the oncologist I should be home tomorrow night,then on my birthday morning the family can go for breakfast.
Emotionally it's been a difficult time especially being confronted with the Palliative care room and meeting the team! However the advantages of having a large room, sofa bed, and fridge are swaying me! Counsellors have popped in today and the Chaplain, but it appears my head is on the right way, and I'm fully aware if I felt the need I wouldn't have a problem asking for help,for me or the family.
Thank you to everyone for their support, I was asked today what is giving me the strength and courage and for me it's all of you out there! So my thoughts especially this time are year are with you,enjoy Christams your families and New Year,and I look forward to catching up in 2012 ......

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