Tuesday, 6 December 2011


It's all a bit hard to take in that I'm back on that chemo ward every Monday. I am pleased to say that I'm on day 3 and I'm not too bad at all, I have a lot of swelling in my stomach that is very painful,but they have me on new pain killers that seem to help. The nausea is hardly there which makes such a difference to my mood,I'm just a bit spaced out with all the drugs,which although I don't like the feeling of floating it's far better than the other options. If I don't make sense in these blogs you know why!
Yesterday David put up the tree,and I just sat and watched,it should be a happy time and it was although I can't help but think is this my last one. I believe emotions run high for many of us this time of year,so I'm not alone,it's just all so sad sometimes.Last weekend I felt well enough to go shopping to pick up some things for the boys I have been collecting over the past 3 years,yet again this is so hard to do but I'm so glad I started when I did,as it's all too much when you are feeling terrible.
I haven't much to say really,other than enjoy the build up to Christmas,due to my double vision I find the shopping centers all too much,and that in itself is so not me! It's so lovely to have great family and friends around who needs presents too!
Chat soon........

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