Thursday, 1 December 2011

Quick Update


Wow it's December, it's a little difficult to get me in the Christmas spirit at the moment,however the good news is I may have found an anti nausea drug that actually works,early days but the nausea yesterday was halved,so here's hoping it lasts.
I am starting chemo on Monday, weekly for not sure how long!I didn't ask! My markers have shit up to 790 that is the highest they have ever been,so it's time to just get on with it, I'm trying to think if I come out the other side if the treatment I may feel a little better and get a ok maybe short but my good bit I am so desperate to have.
So feelings about this one now are let's just get the shitty stuff pumped in and be done with it! I have jumped another few stepping stones in the pond but still can't see where they stop yet! Thank you always for the love and support I have around me,it would be a lonely journey without it.
Fingers cross the nausea dies away a little as I just hate it!

Enjoy the lovely days talk from the chemo ward...........

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