Wednesday, 21 September 2011



I just feel it's been a while since I wrote.Not a lot has happened I'm still in pain,however not that I'm keen on doing this but I am going to go on steroids today for 2 weeks,this should help with the inflammation and give me an appetite.11kg lighter and not looking good for it at all,it's like I've been on the biggest loser and have ended up with a lot of loose skin yuk! I have an appreciation for people that have no bum now,as it's so uncomfortable sitting on uncomfy chairs and feeling the two bones!! I get good and bad days,some days are just so sad,that I just cry most of it,while others I feel almost excited to think just how good I will feel when this has passed.
It's been very tuff on David and I'm only just beginning to realise all that he has been doing,and emotionally how draining this all is.I'm really looking forward to taking over again,and making some meals etc,especially starting with my raw food recipes.
With the help of the steroids I should be ready for my next trip that I've just booked!!Sara and I are off to NZ on the 3rd Oct for a week, I love NZ and so want to be the person to show Sara how beautiful it is. We will do a similar journey I did with the lovelies in 09,it's a shame I have no hair as its pretty chilly over there but I'm sure I'll find a warm beenie or two!
I'm still looking into alternative clinics and when I get back from NZ David and I may have decided on giving one of them a go. Otherwise I sit and wait for my tumor markers to rise,and give the chemo another go. I believe that when one is fighting for your life you will try all the options you believe to be of some benefit to you.It's a minefield out there though,it's like deciding on some accomodation that your happy with then going on trip advisor only to hear it's a dump!
I'm also off to Noosa for a few days next week with the boys,as both are on holidays then.It's great that they just get on with normal life,but I miss them and want to mother them a bit!
The weather has been great the last few weeks and being in the sun always makes me feel happier.
Talk soon ..........

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