Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mini breaks!

Well I've been lucky enough to have had a couple of short breaks away in the last few weeks.I had a couple of days at a unit with my lovely friend Joh,I'm not exactly a bundle of laughs at the moment,but it was good to just sit on the beach and chat,thanks Joh you always get that smile back on my face!then the boys,girlfriends and myself have just spent 3 days at Noosa,although I am still very weak and weepy,it's been great just being around them all.I'm so proud to be there mum.
I'm hoping to take it easy the next few days although back at the coast in the morning for some more iv Vit C, I could do without the trip,but was hoping I would feel so much better than I do by now,so if it gives me a pick up,I need it.Steroids are not working!
Sara and I leave for NZ on Monday,looking forward to it just hoped I had felt a little stronger by now.I know we will enjoy it no matter what.I'm looking forward to standing at the top of Queenstown after the cable car up,and looking at that most beautiful view.
Enjoy the lovely days chat soon .......

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