Tuesday, 27 March 2012



It seems we've been away for ages. Vancouver is a lovely city and we enjoyed going to different areas of it. It was freezing and although I love that crisp cold feeling on my cheeks,I don't mean both of them!
Not used to walking very far as I was only accustomed to moving from the lounge to the kitchen, I was pretty tired, and we found it hard to adjust to their time zone. Unfortunatly we didn't go down to Seattle to shop as I was just to weak to wonder around shops, I can't believe I just wrote that! We have one day there before flying back to Brisbane and I believe there is a lovely park to go and visit in the city.

The trip up to Whistler was lovely the scenery was amazing and the snow kept getting thicker. We are really happy with our studio apartment, David's just preparing a roast as I sit infront of the fire! The first two days were brilliant sunshine and we had a trip up the mountain on one gondola hopped on another and went peak to peak, this is a 4.4km ride 1,860m high.
David skied the next day his birthday, he loved it and was happy he didn't fall over. he rang me at the top of the last mountain so I could go out on the balcony and video the last bit of the run. Dragging myself away from the fire I did as I was told only to discover at the last minute that I had never used the video camera on my iPad before.

I'm sure you guessed it but I recorded none of it!!!He was remarkably not that grumpy about it,and I've promised I will stand down at the bottom of the mountain in a blizzard if I have to when he ski's again!

Today it's been raining and the forecast isn't that great for the rest of the time we are here, I think we will have ago on the tube ride as its looks pretty harmless, and David is keen to drive a snowmobile with me on the back! Why not not a bad way to go if we hit a tree!

So as you can see we have had a great time, we went out to dinner last night for his birthday and although the food was good the portions were tiny, fine for me but not if you've been using all that energy up skiing down mountains all day!

On the emotional front I have been all over the place, alot comes down to just being tired I guess but being out of my home environment I'm more conscious of my patch and am grateful to hide behind the sunnies. I'm sad I don't have the energy to ski as these mountains really are spectacular with about 11 runs to choose from. It's not like I thought I can leave the cancer at home, but seeing new things for the first time it hits you hard that these opportunities will be coming less and less. How can anyone be happy about leaving this beautiful world. I wish the boys were here.

I am and will always be grateful for this time I have, I just would like another 30 years please,although not at this pace the bank balance couldn't take it!

Home on Tuesday .......

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