Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Holiday Queen!


We have just arrived at Auckland airport for a 3hr wait then off to Vancouver! I know you'll be thinking what am I up to now, but like I've said before I seem to have this desire to squeeze in as many experiences as I can before things go 'tit's up'. Poor David who's not one to make a quick decision comes along for the ride,although no complaints when we were upgraded to business class for the first part of the trip!
You see I have been given a month off chemo,my markers are down to 33,and was advised that if I am lucky enough to get another break I would be too weak to travel a long distance ,so hence the urgency. Jack turns 18 two days after we get home so the window of opportunity was slim.
I have to admit that 3hr flight was just great,not sure about the next 14hrs.

We have 3 nights booked in Vancouver then 7 nights at Whistler. I won't be giving skiing ago but they do have those big rubber rings that go down the mountain. I am still pretty weak and some days feel like crap, however I will just do what I can. I am just as happy watching David come down the slopes as long as he's in one piece. Last time I did this he came down with a popped shoulder and hurt pride!

So life again is on the up. I'm scared of going back on chemo ,and I'm trying so hard to just live each day and not what's ahead,as really none of us know what tomorrow will bring. I am so very lucky to have all I do.
Thank you to all of you that inspire me to get up each day and live the best life I can.
Lots of snowy pics to follow........

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