Tuesday, 1 November 2011

This and that

I should have read the last blog as not sure where I was up too! Anyway after the bad news while I was waiting to see what my Oncologist came up with(still not heard from him,over a week now!) I decided to get onto these tablets from the States I have read about. They arrived within a few days and I started them yesterday. Apart from having a big weep in the morning, I think it's more the fear of the unknown plus it just gets me down I have to do all this s...t!
all went ok,I took 72 tablets all up which I might add is very difficult when struggling with nausea. Today however no tears but felt pretty rough, I managed to get some of the tablets down for an hour then everything came back up! Bugger. It's now the afternoon and I have kept the lunch ones down, it's almost a full time job this as some have to be taken an hour before eating and then an hour after,all washed down with a mushroom tea,which is ghastly!
The tablets increase so Sunday I take 135! I've never been keen on pill popping so I'm finding this a challenge,I just remind myself that if it works then my tumors should shrink!!
It seems like I have a good day then can fall in a heap the next. I went up to the Noosa Tri to watch some friends take part and was worried it would be one of my bad days but I was lucky,I felt great and so happy to be there with everyone, I stayed out till 8.30pm even,we did go out at 4. Before Sara and I went up I went to a friends Halloween party, it was a pretty amazing set up but just wish I could of seen it at night as it would have looked very creepy!
Until I know how life will be on these tablets I will hang around home a bit more,would like to walk up Cootha but it's closed at the moment. ok keep you posted on the progress enjoy the beautiful weather ......

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