Monday, 28 November 2011

Special Day

I had a great day on Sunday for my birthday gathering, the morning started off not too good with the usual high level of nausea but a few drugs later all came good and I was able to enjoy it all. I hope I didn't seem too dopey or no more than usual!!! The heat was a bit of a shame but as the breeze started to come late afternoon it was perfect. Although I think there were about 80+ there, for me it still seemed very intimate and everyone mixed together. Thats because everyone that came are all special lovely people!
I was very tired that night and the next day,but hey I always seem to be tired at the moment. The news on the medical front isn't too good and I will find out tomorrow what my tumor markers are up to. I just had an appointment with my GP who is lovely,but when I asked why I was so tired and feel so weak the answer is the cancer, why does it still shock me to hear that my body is getting weaker? I still believe there are times and days when I think I will beat it,but the doctors/oncologist however kind they are remind you of the reality of your situation.
My double vision in one eye is just another side effect of this disease or from the treatment I have had for it. This has been pretty hard to take as I now cannot drive myself anywhere and just looking around a room it's all over the place,eyes of course areso important and I hope I don't get to the stage where I cannot read or write, now I do that with one eye closed!
Thursday I go to the Wesley to start a drug that is going to help strengthen my bones,and will be discussing more chemo,although I have tried to do anything to avoid more of this it seems now that it is inevitable, I really need a good bit to come again,so maybe after the chemo this time I get some time where I don't feel like vomiting everyday,and too tired to do very much.
I will let you know how the conversation goes, thank you for all you contributions and lovely cards I will be taking the boys and David away somewhere lovely,when the good bit comes!!
Thank you also for sharing such a great day with me..........

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  1. Had a fabulous time Suzy, it was a lovely afternoon and you looked gorgeous! So glad I managed to stay awake! Take care of yourself and we will catch up again soon. Love Linda x