Thursday, 6 October 2011

New Zealand

Well NZ so far has been just amazing, Sara and I spent three days at Methven ,we managed to get up the mountain,rain on the way up turned into light snow then beautiful sunshine at the very top. We didn't ski but enjoyed going up on the ski lift to the peak. It was freezing but breathtaking. We stayed with some friends Cathie and Marek at their ski lodge Breckenridge lodge. Cathie has opened up a beautiful day spa,Bella Bliss which Sara and I strongly recommend you must do if visiting Methven ,I sat in the most beautiful bath,looking out to the mountains while watching the little lambs play.Cathie also pampered us with a facial,and I had a vichy shower.
We enjoyed a movie night with some of the locals,the 'snug' holds 15 and there was almost a sell out of 9!all women and we were all in tears at the end seeing a French movie Little white lies.
This morning we headed off to Wanaka via Geraldine and Lake Tekapo,I have been lucky enough to see these places before,although the beauty of it all still catches your breath, Sara is overwhelmed with the scenery. We have two nights here then onto Queenstown.
I was quite worried before we left as I had wanted to feel a lot stronger than I did,however I am really on the up again,nausea not there all the time,pain still in the liver,but the gauge for me is the amount of tears I shed a day! The odd one comes,but i no longer feel sorry for myself, i'm alive and so lucky to have all that i do,so that's all good! Love to everyone...........

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