Friday, 11 May 2012

Good and Bad

13/5/2012 Since the last blog I went back into the Wesley to have another stomach drain, it practicaly filled back up within two days. I also had the chemo last Monday which hit me pretty bad on the Wednesday, vomiting etc. it's been about five weeks or more off it and I'd forgotten quite how crap it makes you feel! My oncologist and a radiologist have decided I need to have what's called a Denver Shunt put in, it's an operation where they place a little plastic pump inside your body ontop of your ribs so I can pump this fluid out back into my body where I guess you just pass it out! I hate any kind of operation especially when I'll have another round of chemo on Monday. So I haven't been told what day it is happening ,but pray for me it's not Wednesday as its going to be hard to handle. Emotionally it's been difficult,I think we are all walking around with that permanent pain in our chests. I am still able to enjoy parts of the day. It's lovely having close friends pop by, some bringing soups etc ,or rubbing my feet,or just sitting on the couch with David and the boys watching television. This weekend Jimmy has been at this huge architecture conference and loving it, Jacks getting stuck into his film and television degree,and looked smart going off too the races today. David put some blinds up for me so I can sit longer on my day bed outside,so in general life is good,just every now and again David and I will think of something else I won't be here to share with him do do with the boys mainly,and we have a good cry. Not to keen on going out too much as I'm sure people look at me and think she's getting on a bit to be 9 months pregnant. That reminds me I became a Great Aunty this week, we welcome Daisie Joy to the world, don't think you can have a happier name than that! I may not get to see her being in the UK but she's in my heart already. You will all never really know how much you have been a great support to me and my family, this bloody cancer is so cruel to everyone involved,but you all have made it so very much easier. Take care enjoy your friends and family, Happy Mothers Day, how proud I am to be a mum. Keep you posted on the hospital plan Suzy :( :) x

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