Sunday, 15 April 2012



Just got home from the Gold Coast where we stayed in a lovely unit for Sara's birthday. We decided to stop in at harbor town , where Sara managed to pick up a few things she wanted. Apart from the weather not be being so great,although for me now staying in and talking to good friends in comfy clothes is ideal for me! Lovely Lynnie still gets up regardless of the weather and does a two hour run!
Sara's only request was we went somewhere for breakfast so she could have eggs Benedict!

I'm feeling so much better after the reaction I had to the anti depressents, although I still seem to wake up with an anxious feeling in my chest. It's hard carrying around this sad old heart sometimes,and it seems every occasion leaves me wondering will I be here for the next birthday or celebration. I'm scared of what will happen next , and I try so hard not to think it but this disease will most likely go to brain or lungs next that seems to be the pattern. I see my Oncologist on Friday and we will see where my markers are at, it's been 5 weeks already off it and I'm dissapointed I have not felt my old self in this period. I think the liver has had such a beating over the last 3 years it's hard for it to keep functioning normally.

As my doctor reminds me I still have quality of life and able to get out and do things so I need to appreciate that more perhaps.

Hope all is well with everyone, will keep you posted on the next plan.......

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