Monday, 9 April 2012



Happy Easter to everyone, what an amazing weekend weather wise. Unfortunatly since our return I haven't felt very well, infact the last four days have been the worst I felt in a long time. But all has been revealed today as I've just come from the doctor who said it was quite common to have these side effects from the antidepressants I had just started. Ok I remember a blog where I was really not happy to have to even consider them, me depressed I don't think so! However although my markers have risen a little since being off the Chemo I'm really worried how I will manage emotionally when I'm told it's time to start again, so I figured I'd get back up.

I have hardly eaten in the last few days, so hopefully I turned the corner yesterday afternoon I will be able to. It's so hard when you have no appetite and I find I'm like the boys and just stand looking at what's in the fridge in the hope something will appeal!

The highlight was Jack turning 18 on the 5th (day before Good Friday) his girlfriend Chrissa came over and made a lovely meal for all of us, she even made him birthday cookies as he doesn't like cake. It was a good night,and I was surprised he didn't go out after but the pubs shut a 12, I think however he's made up for it since then!

David and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary yesterday, like I said in the morning I felt terrible but just came good as the day progressed , so at 4pm all geared up we were off to a park somewhere on the scooter. Sadly it made it to the top of the driveway then there was a slight fuel problem and we had to give it a miss.
We still went to the park where David produced a bottle of verve and some nibblies. Not able to drink very much it was still a lovely surprise and I think David is quite keen on the Verve too!

We see the Oncologist on Monday and I'm really hoping he will give me a little more time off chemo,so until then let's hope there's a break before the next hurdle!

Enjoy this beautiful sunshine chat soon .........

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